Microchipping is the ideal way to identify your pet and ensure they are returned to you if lost.

It is a small chip, about the size of a grain of rice, which is placed under the skin, generally between the shoulder blades. The chip is scanned to read a unique 15 digit number.

This number is linked to a profile on a national database which contains your contact information; only groups (shelters, pounds and veterinarians) that are registered with the microchip database can access this information.

Microchipping is the only permanent form of unique identification available. Microchips are also used to legally declare that you are the owner of your pet, so is important if you are concerned about your best friend being stolen. We frequently have lost dogs brought to the clinic and the first thing we search for is a microchip. On many occasions we have contacted the owners before they even know the dog is missing!

When you acquire your pet, he/she must be microchipped according to local council law and fines do apply.