Happy Pats Plan

Do you want your pet to be as happy and healthy as Lenny?

Is your budget fighting to keep up with all the costs of your new puppy or kitten?

Does your dog or cat need a dental but the cost is too much up front?

Is your dog or cat unwell but you're struggling to afford the consultations that are needed?



We aim to keep you and your pet HAPPY all year round with our Happy Pats Plan!

Our plan covers:

  • Puppy/Kitten Vaccination Course OR 1 Yearly Adult Vaccination

  • Microchip

  • Desexing OR Basic Dental*

  • Consultations (up to 10)

  • UNLIMITED Nail Clips

  • UNLIMITED Expressing of Anal Glands

  • Comprehensive work up (includes basic blood work, urinalysis & faecal examination)

All of this would normally cost over $1600. But for just $110 up front and 11 monthly payments of $40 (total cost $550 over 12 months) you can be prepared for your pets needs, expected or not!

*Only includes basic dental and desexing procedures, additional fees may apply. 

**Discounts apply only to the pet on your policy.

***A valid credit card is required to sign up to the plan.